Our mission: To support the charitable efforts of physicians and others, increase access to healthcare, promote education and serve the community’s health needs through innovative projects that are exemplary, affordable and dignified.

Area of Greatest Need – Donations support the mission and initiatives of Capital Medical Society Foundation including its We Care Network program, Scholarship Fund, Physician Wellness program and other innovative projects that address the health care need of the underserved in the community.  These donations may also be used to support the ongoing, general operating expenses of building maintenance and repairs, insurance, computer upgrades and maintenance. Area of Greatest Need donations have the broadest impact on addressing the health care needs of the community.

We Care Network – The We Care Network provides between $4 and $10.9 million in donated specialty medical and dental care to the community’s low-income uninsured adults annually to low-income, uninsured adults in Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, and Wakulla Counties. Donations to We Care Network and the We Care Network Endowment support the case management team compensation, patient assistance, and Dental Clinic Days expenses and other program operating costs.

Scholarship Fund – Donations to the Scholarship Fund support medical school scholarships for first and second year students at Florida State University College of Medicine and 3rd and 4th year students at its Tallahassee Regional Campus who are committed to returning to NW Florida after completion of their residencies to improve access to health care in the Big Bend.

Physician Wellness Program – Donations enable Active and Associate CMS members to receive six wellness coaching visits annually to address normal life difficulties in a confidential and professional environment.

CMS Foundation General Endowment – Donations to the endowment provide sustained funding to meet the critical operational program needs of Capital Medical Society Foundation. Only the accrued and future income from the investment will be used to support its purpose, preserving the donor’s gift in perpetuity.

We Care Network Endowment – The We Care Network Endowment provide sustained funding to meet the program needs of the We Care Network whose program is historically grant-funded. Only the accrued and future income from the investment will be used to support its program costs, preserving the donor’s gift in perpetuity.

Ronald G. Pickett Endowment– The Ronald G. Pickett Endowment was established in 1982 in memory of Ronald G. Pickett. The accrued interest and future income from this investment is used to provide financial assistance to We Care Network cancer patients, such as prescription assistance and transportation costs assistance.

Access to Care Grants – Donations enable the CMSF Board to make modest grants to support local programs that address the health care needs of the underserved in the community. Past recipients include Big Bend Hospice, Eldercare, and FSU Cares/FSU College of Medicine for the Chapman Community Health Clinic, and Lighthouse of the Big Bend.


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